Net 2 Solution is a digital agency founded in 2014 by Asaduzzaman Azim. Shortly after the formation of the company Rifat Jipu was added as a partner in charge of Managerial Activity . Most recently a third partner was added to the company, Michael Gardiner in charge of expanding Net 2 Solution on a global scale. The three owners of Net 2 Solution have a simple goal: To provide the best digital solutions possible for busy entrepreneurs. Whether you need someone to run campaigns for your social media marketing agency, fulfill orders for your drop shipping store, or make a brochure for your restaurant, we want to be able to be the best option. We have a very hardworking and intelligent team of 19 professionals  based around the world who have specialized skill sets allowing for a wide variety of work to be done effectively and efficiently.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Asaduzzam Azim
Asaduzzam AzimCEO| Digital Marketer | Web Designer
Asaduzzam is the founder of Net2Solution. Asaduzzam started Net2Solution with the goal to make Net2Solution into a well known brand that is known for quality and honest work. He is also a professional digital marketer and website designer. As CEO he is responsible for leading the Net2Solution team and empowering them to implement cutting edge marketing strategies designed to help clients increase brand awareness, generate leads and acquire new customers!
Rifat Jipu
Rifat JipuManaging Director |Social Media & V/A Expert
Rifat is a professional VA with great team management skills. Successfully managing Net2Solution for last 4 years. He has done more than 500 projects. A go getter and outstanding thinker which leads every project to be completed successfully.
Michael Gardiner
Michael GardinerInternational Relations Executive | E-commerce & paid advertising expert
A serial entrepreneur and VC from Florida, but in a new country every month, Michael brings a very international strategic view to the company focused on maximizing value for every party involved when working with Net 2 Solution.
Phil Toussaint
Phil ToussaintInternational Relations Assistant | Paid advertising expert
Based in Boston MA, Phil is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly for clients. When he is not working directly with clients, he is making ads! Phil has years experience at running paid traffic campaigns with results to show.
Saddam Rahman
Saddam RahmanLead Graphic Designer | Social Media Expert
Saddam has been an expert and experienced graphic designer for the last 5 years In addition he also has diverse social media skills and experience working over 100 projects. He has a speciality for brand design.
Bellal Gazi
Bellal GaziLead Graphics Designer | Social Media Expert
Bellal is an expert graphic designer with over 5 years of experience. He is an expert at listening to a client’s ideas and turning them into a reality. He will be sure to make you the best graphics you can imagine!
A.K.M. Reazul Karim
A.K.M. Reazul Karim Social Media Marketer & Administrative Assistant Expert
A.K.M is an expert in social media marketing. He was worked with dozens of clients but has developed a passion and speciality for working with real estate and also fitness clients.
Shaharia Islam
Shaharia IslamDigital Marketing Expert
Shaharia is an expert in social media marketing with over 4 years of experience. He has a strong work ethic and is sure to help you reach your social media goals. Shaharia also has experience in virtual assistant work, with a speciality in accounting, as he received his accounting degree from Azam Khan Commerce College.
Mijan Hossen
Mijan HossenSocial Media Marketer | Graphic Design Expert
Mijan is a hard-working and passionate person. If you give Mijan instructions he is sure to follow them. He is incredibly analytical and detailed in all of his work.
Md Tanzil Ul Islam
Md Tanzil Ul IslamSocial Media Marketer & V/A Expert
Md Tanzil is a professional virtual assistant skilled in WordPress, social media marketing and data entry. He has years of experience in all of the above fields and has successfully managed many projects.
Ismail Hussain
Ismail HussainSocial Media Marketer
Ismail is a humble and hardworking team member. He is one of the newer team members, however, his extreme work ethic and passion are clear for everyone who interacts with him.
MD Sajib Howlader
MD Sajib HowladerSocial Media | SEO | eCommerce Specialist
MD Sajib is an expert in paid advertising and e-commerce. If you’re looking to have the perfect e-commerce site built or looking to run paid ads to an existing site, he is a perfect choice!
MD Kayez Mian
MD Kayez MianSocial Media Marketer
MD Kayez is an expert social media manager with a speciality in social media post design. He has an energetic and confident personality and is relentless about helping clients reach their goals.
Rumman Hossain
Rumman HossainSocial Media Marketer
Rumman is a newer addition to Net 2 Solution, however, he has shown huge potential. Backed with a relentless and positive personality, he is quickly becoming a strong asset to Net2Solution
Shamim Hossain
Shamim HossainSocial Media Marketer | SEO Specialist
Shamim is a hardworking and dedicated virtual assistant. He has a speciality in SEO and social media marketing. If you’re looking to rank a website, Shamim is the perfect freelancer!
Asaduzzaman Shamim
Asaduzzaman ShamimSocial Media Marketer
Asaduzzaman has a very bright and energetic personality that radiates confidence. He is great at following instructions and maintaining a positive attitude no matter the situation.
Obayedullah Sunny
Obayedullah SunnyGraphics Design & Social Media Expert
Obayedullah is Net2Solution’s junior graphic designer. He has a very innovative design sense and is never afraid to try something new!
Chonchol Abir
Chonchol AbirSocial Media Expert
Chonchol is a social media marketing assistant and also a video editor… He is fantastic at building relationships between businesses and their customers. He is especially good at doing this by utilizing video.
Rafiqul Islam
Rafiqul IslamSocial Media Marketer | SEO Specialist
Rafiqul has a wide variety of skills including SEO, Instagram marketing, influencer research and data entry. With his wide range of skills and expertise in SEO is a large contributor to the success of Net2Solution clients.
Md Raju Matabber
Md Raju MatabberSocial Media Marketer & Graphics Designer
Md Raju is an intern at Net2Solution and is very enthusiastic about building a skillset focusing on graphic design and social media marketing.
Simanto Mitro
Simanto MitroSocial Media Marketer & Graphics Designer
Simanto is an intern at Net2Solution and has taken a passionate interest in social media marketing.
Shaikh Raihan
Shaikh RaihanSocial Media Marketer
Shaikh is an intern at Net2Solution and has been working on becoming an expert in social media marketing.
Sadia Islam Bristy
Sadia Islam BristyContent Writer
Sadia is an expert content writer with experience writing for the national newspaper, online forms, websites, businesses and much more. She has even written some great books!

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