Project Description

Looking for a social media marketer who has experience with working through business manager. Someone who can develop and grow our social media platform on Facebook, and Instagram and well as develop the blog on our website.

My Goals in working with you:

We will learn to work seamlessly together as we work towards one goal, which is to make the website and associated marketing avenues as successful as we can make them.

Here are a list of goals I need to achieve:

Create and grow my Social media presence

Create and build an informative blog on my site

SEO of website, google etc

Make sales as a result of the combined objectives

We have a frequently asked questions list which we can use to create blog topics. Will have to develop more topics.

You will develop blog topics using the FAQ as a guide to creating articles for the blogs. You will also research relevant topics to create and write blogs for the website.

2a. Make comments and posts

2b. Write articles for the site for scheduled posts.

Develop, increase and maintain a social media presence: You will manage and develop our presence and profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinetrest.

a. Build followers and increase likes (fans and likes)

b. Respond to comments and engage with people

c. Make comments and posts

Evaluate and improve the product descriptions on the website (SEO).

My goal is to be able to hire you full time eventually if all goes well.

Please let me know if you will accept this offer as soon as possible as I am offering it to the first qualified person.

Feedback:  Sajib is incredible at facebook and social media advertising and promotions. He manages thirteen websites through facebook manager and even on my personal facebook account. It is unfortunate that the contract had to end. It was an incredible ride. Sajib is a fantastic loyal person and you will benefit a tremendous amount from his expertise.